Release date 29 March

Entertainment Stage


Release date 16 March

STARRING: Olivia Cooke, Tye Sheridan, Simon Pegg

DIRECTOR: Steven Spielberg

The Cannes Film Festival celebrated its 70th anniversary last year and remains one of the distinguished festivals in the world, with a celebrity and glamour attached that no other can match. The competition that runs in conjunction with it is also unmatched in terms of its scope and prestige and while the Academy Awards may grab the headlines, their focus tends to limit itself to American films in the English language, banishing foreign or subtitled films to smaller categories. It is arguable then, that for films not made in America, Cannes’ awards are the most illustrious and coveted in the world. In 2017, The Square demonstrated its quality by winning the Palm d’Or. Directed by Ruben Östlund, the film is a satire about museums and the business behind it. It centres around Christian, a curator of Stockholm’s art museum who seems to aspire to art but struggles with understanding and defining it. In debuting a new piece, the titular Square, the museum’s benefactors – an advertising agency – deem the artwork too bland and positive to attract numbers and attempt to create controversy in order to drive visitors. Christian, caught up in both a complicated relationship with a journalist and a running battle with a small boy, barely gives his new commission the attention it requires, to darkly disastrous and humorous effect. In unpicking the politics surrounding galleries and the people who aspire to both good business and great art, Östlund seems to have minded a rich vein of bizarre comedy, one that has clearly delighted critics around the world. While it may not appear at your local multiplex, for those who are determined to seek it out, The Square, released on the 16th of March, seems like it would be well worth it

Words: Lee Callaway

STARRING: Claes Bang, Elisabeth Moss

DIRECTOR: Ruben Östlund

Set in a dystopian future where  climate change, overpopulation and various other societal ailments have reduced the quality of life, Wade Watts (Sheridan), a teenager who uses virtual world the OASIS as a form of escapism, discovers the first clue on the path to the creator’s fortune. Setting in motion a cut-throat race to discover the sought after ‘Easter Egg’ which grants the billion dollar fortune of founder James Halliday (Mark Rylance), Watts must dodge both virtual and real life peril in pursuit of his goal. Based on Ernest Cline’s New York Times bestseller, special effects are to the fore in this feasibly futuristic glimpse into the not so distant future. Eyes peeled for a multitude of pop  culture references.

Words: Stephen Coombes


Release date 01 March

STARRING: Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton

DIRECTOR: Francis Lawrence





Recruited into a Russian spy school, Dominika Egorova (Lawrence) is taught to use her body as a weapon. Issued her first assignment when tasked with seducing and exposing CIA agent Nathaniel Nash (Edgerton), an inevitable element of forbidden passion unravels as the pair play a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Charlotte Rampling and Jeremy Irons co-star in this taut thriller directed by Francis Lawrence who, whilst no relation, has history with his name sake lead via The Hunger Games.

Words: Stephen Coombes




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