In a modern telling of Euripides’ tragedy (re-write by Chino Odimba) Medea is devestated by the betrayal of her husband, who has left her for another woman. Now troubles are mounting for Medea, who is about to lose her home and her children.

While her ex prepares to marry his new love, Medea wants to get her revenge desperately. And it seems that she has found the inspiration she needs in the pages of an old book...

Performed by an all-female cast and directed by George Mann, this new play at Bristol Old Vic aims to reclaim the character of Medea as a powerful fighter against injustice, who battled on at all costs.

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5 - 27 May                                                         Bristol Old Vic




8 -13 May                                                 Bristol Hippodrome

In this musical adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, single mum Alice has just learned that her ex-husband is about to remarry. Desperate for an escape, Alice, her daughter and nervous neighbour, all make the decision to follow the white rabbit to Wonderland.

While in this bizarre land, they meet up with some familiar faces, such as the Mad Hatter, Caterpillar, Dormouse, March Hare and the Queen of Hearts, though they may not be quite as you remember them...

West End and Broadway leading lady Kerry Ellis stars as Alice, while Wendi Peters gives an amusing performance as the Queen of Hearts.



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